Is It Time to Replace These Bicycle Parts in Boca Raton, FL?

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Bicycles require maintenance and part replacement for the same reasons as cars—they simply wear out. If you keep your bike well-tuned, many of these parts will receive attention before the situation becomes serious. However, it is easy to let the damage slide if you do not know much about bicycles. Here are the bicycle parts in Boca Raton, FL that you should monitor while riding:

  • Tires: You will want to replace your tires when they look worn. If there is little tread left, that makes it easy for you to slip on wet roads or experience a jarring off-road experience if you have a mountain bike. Also, it is a matter of when you will get a flat tire rather than if you will get one, so keep an eye on your tires and know when you can expect to replace them.
  • Chains: Your bicycle chain is expected to last 1,500 to 2,500 miles. When it starts to wear and stretch, it will not operate your mechanisms as well. You can maintain it at home by keeping it clean with a high-quality lubricant, but eventually you will need a new one. Let’s just say that if it breaks while you’re on the road, you are not going to enjoy the experience.
  • The cassette: This is the cluster of gears at your back wheel. The chain is connected to it and also wears it down over time. Keeping it clean and lubricated will reduce wear and tear and delay the need for replacement. It is normally replaced at the same time you replace your chain because, chances are, if one is worn out, so is the other.
  • Brake pads: The last thing you want is a bike that cannot stop. Brake pads are the parts that are in contact with your rim. The friction will eventually wear them down, and once they are gone, you will no longer have functioning brakes. When you notice you need to squeeze harder or find you do not stop as quickly, contact a technician to get them replaced as soon as possible.
  • Chainrings: These are your front gears. Just as with your cassette and chain, the teeth will wear down and you will experience decreased performance and response. When your chain starts falling off, it often has to do with worn teeth in the chainrings and cassette. Just as with the rest of the gear system, cleaning and lubricating will help avoid replacement for a long time. However, ignoring this issue wears out your chain quicker and makes gear shifts choppy.
  • Pedals: When you find your feet slip off easily or your pedals squeak, it is time to replace them. They will often wear down, as well, and not grip your feet or riding cleats as effectively as they should. If you wear riding cleats and also have a tendency to use them as street shoes, you will also wear them down quicker. To solve this problem fully, replacing your pedals at the same time you replace cleats will make your rides more enjoyable.

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