The Complete Guide To Rear Derailleurs

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Rear derailleurs, often referred to as ‘rear mechs,’ shift your chain across the different sprockets in your cassette to achieve higher or lower gears. They are spring-loaded to take up slack in the chain, improving shifting efficiency and helping you spin faster and get more power out of each pedal stroke! The rear derailleur, or rear mech, is a crucial component of any bike with more than one sprocket in the back. It facilitates shifting between these sprockets, helping you spin up hills with ease and putting some power down on flats. The cage of a rear mech holds two... View Article

What Is Disk Brake Rub And How To Fix it

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Check The Rotor  When a brake pad and rotor are rubbing together, it’s known as disc brake rub. It’s usually caused by a caliper that isn’t properly aligned. To fix it, loosen the two bolts that attach the caliper to the frame or fork just enough to move it side-to-side. Then, push the caliper into alignment until you can see the gap between the rotor and the brake pads. If you can’t get it straight with this method, a common fix is to use a rotor truing tool. This will bend the rotor back into place. But keep in mind... View Article

How To Silence Squeaky Brakes on Your Bike

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Disc brakes are a great way to increase your confidence on the road when biking. These types of brakes provide consistent braking even when it is wet outside. Most disc brakes are very reliable and durable. One drawback, however, is that disc brakes can occasionally be very noisy. If you want to quiet your brakes, we can help. This quick guide will provide you with information on how to fix squeaky brakes. Keep reading to learn more. Why Are My Brakes Noisy? There can be many reasons why brakes will start making noise. Below we will go over a few reasons... View Article

The Importance of Bike Headsets

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Although it is not one of the easily seen parts on the bike, the headset is actually one of the more important parts of the bicycle. When this part of the bike is not properly installed, it will create a lot of problems, namely the frequent wear of the headset itself. It can also cause problems with steering and handling of the bike as well. The headset can become loose due to poor road conditions or from braking hard. You should check the headset often to ensure it is in good order. This quick guide will give you everything you... View Article

The Importance of Suspension Checks on Your Bicycle

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A bicycle is a great mode of transportation, and it is also fun. If you have a bike that you use often, it is important to take care of your suspension and check it often. There are some signs that you can watch out for that will help you determine if your bike suspension is going bad or needs to be checked. When to check your bicycle’s suspension Your bike suspension needs to be changed with use and when you start to notice a few things that might be going wrong with your suspension. First, if you notice that the... View Article

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