Bike Fit: The Key to Comfort and Efficiency

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If biking in Boca Raton, FL is more painful than pleasurable, you might be suffering from the wrong bike fit. Having an improperly adjusted bike (or one that’s just plain too big or small) can lead to numbness, joint pain, back pain and more. Not only is that bad for your body, but it can discourage even the most avid rider from getting out on their bike. Having your bike professionally fitted can make a world of difference.

Why bike fit matters

Because everyone’s body is different, not every bike will work for you. Some people may be too tall or short for a specific model, while others might not be able to squeeze the hand brakes or find themselves hunching over too much. If your posture isn’t just right, you could find yourself in a world of pain—plus, it’s inefficient, which makes riding more tiring.

Typically, road bikes and mountain bikes come in small, medium and large sizes, but sizes are not necessarily the same from brand to brand. Hybrid bikes have somewhat more forgiving sizes, but are not as flexible as most mountain bikes.

Components of a good bike fit

There are a number of different adjustments that can contribute to the perfect bike fit. When you buy a bike, you should hop on a few to see which are the right size for you. From there, you can address issues such as:

  • The saddle: You can adjust the saddle height, fore/aft position (the movement of the seat on the saddle rails) and the tilt. You might even decide to get a new saddle altogether.
  • The stem: Both the stem height and length can be adjusted, which will determine how far you have to lean over to reach the handlebars.
  • Other adjustments: Handlebar width, grip and brake and pedal adjustments are all ways that your bike can be adjusted to fit your body and stance perfectly.

Getting the perfect bike fit isn’t an in-and-out deal, either—you’ll need to budget about one to three hours. This is because the right fit depends on whether it’s your first bike. You’ll also need to tell your bike professional about whether you’ve sustained any injuries (bike-related or otherwise), your cycling history and what you hope to accomplish with your new bike. Other issues, like your bone structure, body type and flexibility, will also weigh into how your bike is fitted.

It might be a time investment, but it’s one that will pay off in comfort and enjoyment for years to come.

Get help finding the right bike fit in Boca Raton, FL

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