The Complete Guide to Buying a Bicycle

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Are you in search of a new hobby that keeps you active and on the go? Something that rewards your effort regardless of your physical prowess? It’s time to give some thought to bicycling. Biking saves you money, it improves your mental health and it will even boost your mood. Best of all, it’s fun!

Of course, before you jump into the hobby of bicycling, you’re going to need some wheels. If you’re just beginning your biking adventure, here are some factors to consider before buying a bicycle in Boca Raton, FL.

How do you want to ride?

There are as many ways to ride a bicycle as there are types of riders. If you are beginning to ride as a way to get fit, you should look into a road bike. These sleek machines are perfect for going long distances. Casual riders who want to converse as they ride should invest in a cruiser.

Urban riders will want to look into a small, light city bike. If you have a little capital to invest, an electric pedal-assist bike can make your commute that much easier. Riders hoping to get back to nature should look for a rugged mountain bike for off-roading fun.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Do your homework

Before you set about buying a bicycle in Boca Raton, FL, you should make sure you know what you’re getting into. You should know the various parts of your bike: the pedals, the wheels, the suspension, the brakes, etc. Not only should you know what to look for, but you should also know when a bike’s various components are in poor shape.

In fact, before you purchase, it’s a good idea to have a pro look at the bike you’re thinking about buying, just to make sure everything’s good to go.

Stick to your budget

As many types of bikes as there are, there are just as many price tiers. A high-tier bike can run buyers up to $2,000 dollars. Meanwhile, savvy buyers who take the time to skim Craigslist or the used ads in a newspaper can find a quality bike for as little as $100.

For riders who are just starting out, you should try to resist the urge to buy a top-tier bike from the outset. In fact, it can be best for your budget to buy a fixer-upper and then enlist the help of a bike repair shop to get your new machine up to snuff.

Put your bike in the hands of an ally you can trust

Buying a bicycle in Boca Raton, FL? Contact Bicycle Doctor House Calls and let one of our highly-trained technicians help guide you through the buying process. Then, once you’ve found the perfect bicycle for your needs, we can help keep your cherished bike in peak condition. Since 1972, we have taken immense pride in offering every one of our valued clients the best service in the area. That’s our promise to you.

Whether you’re looking for expert advice on a new bike, or you’re a seasoned rider in search of some routine maintenance, you can count on Bicycle Doctor House Calls. Call today for service and tips!

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