Electric Scooter Safety Tips

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Living in Florida means that the weather is almost always suitable for riding your electric scooter around town. Getting out around town is a fun way to enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine and the views—but it’s important that you stay safe, too. Follow these electric scooter safety tips and keep up with electric scooter repair services in Boca Raton, FL to make sure your jaunts around town are injury-free:

  • Wear a helmet: This is the number one safety tip for a reason. Even if you’re far from a daredevil, accidents can happen. If you leave your head unprotected, you’re much more likely to sustain serious and even life-threatening injuries. Depending on where you live, a helmet may even be required. Luckily, modern helmets are sleek and comfortable as well as protective.
  • Use the bike lanes: As long as your city allows it, stick to the bike lanes. This helps you avoid traffic as well as pedestrians. (Don’t ride your bike or electric scooter on the sidewalk. Not only is it a jerk move, but it’s dangerous to pedestrians and may even be illegal in your area.)
  • Decelerate when going downhill: Your electric scooter can pick up speed more quickly than you might think. While scooters are a fun and exciting way to travel around a city, you may find yourself out of control before you know it. That’s even more likely if you’re surprised by a car, pedestrian or sudden obstacle. Make an effort to decelerate when you’re going downhill—it will keep you and everyone around you much safer.
  • Avoid headphones: Blasting your favorite tunes while riding your scooter is fun, we know—but it’s also a dangerous distraction. When you use headphones, you’re much less likely to hear sounds from vehicles, pedestrians and other bike or scooter riders. That can mean the difference between avoiding and getting into an accident. Focus on your surroundings and save the music for your destination.
  • Follow the traffic laws: Your electric scooter is subject to the same rules of the road as other vehicles. Do you know your hand signals or how to navigate a four-way stop from the bike lane? If you need a refresher course, look at your local Department of Transportation (DOT) website. Remember, you’re more vulnerable on your scooter than people in cars or on motorcycles. Following traffic laws will help you avoid harm.
  • Keep your scooter in good shape: Finally, make sure your electric scooter is well-maintained. If you’re not sure how to maintain it, call a shop that specializes in electric scooter repair services in Boca Raton, FL, like Bicycle Doctor House Calls. The better shape your scooter is in, the less likely you’ll be surprised (or injured) by sudden malfunctions.

Following these safety tips is the best way to guarantee that all of your scooter rides are fun, easy and exciting. Plus, avoiding unnecessary risks will extend your scooter’s lifespan considerably—as well as your own.

For electric scooter repair services in Boca Raton, FL, call Bicycle Doctor House Calls today.

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