Safety Tips for Biking in the Rain

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You don’t want to let bad weather get in between you and a good ride. Serious bikers will cycle through wind, rain and even snow. However, in rainy conditions, you can’t just grab your helmet and hop on your bike for a ride. Even in a light, relatively warm Boca Raton, FL drizzle, riding your bike can be uncomfortable, challenging and, in some cases, dangerous. Getting the right gear and forming the right habits will help you to stay safe and enjoy the ride. Follow these helpful safety tips while cycling in the rain.

Wear proper gear for rainy rides

Riding in the rain can be uncomfortable no matter what, but having the right clothing can really make a difference. If you’re only going to invest in one item of clothing for rainy rides, you should make it a waterproof jacket. Keeping your torso dry on a rainy ride will help keep you from getting miserably cold, but make sure you buy a nice, breathable jacket so you don’t overheat either.

If you’re going out into a relatively chilly rainfall, you will also need to get some gloves and overshoes. Hands and feet get colder than any other part of your body, and being drenched on a rainy ride does not help at all. If you’re not up for purchasing nice overshoes, you can also create a makeshift version by wearing plastic bags on your feet—simply slip them on after your socks and tuck them into your tights before putting on your shoes. You can also wear a cycling cap under your helmet to keep your head warmer.

Outfit your bike for rainy rides

There are a number of things you can buy for your bike that will make rides in the rain safer and more comfortable for you. Probably the most helpful safety tip for cycling in the rain in Boca Raton, FL is to use flashing LED lights on your bike. Even during the day, visibility can be terrible for drivers and pedestrians when it’s raining. Make sure everyone you pass can see you by using lights clipped on your bike.

Mudguards are also essential for cycling in the rain, albeit more for comfort than safety. Mudguards will keep cold, dirty rainwater from the street from spraying off your wheels and onto your legs and back. To keep your bike in top form after riding in the rain, you should be sure to cover your chain in a degreaser like WD-40, then wipe it down after every rainy ride. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your chain.

Practice good safety habits

There are also some important safety tips for cycling in the rain that have more to do with how you ride. Number one: don’t cycle through standing water. Even if a puddle looks small, you might not be able to see what is hiding under the water. Standing water can hide massive potholes or sharp debris that could pop your tire or injure you. It’s a good idea to check your tires after rainy rides for the same reason—you are less likely to know what you’ve cycled through when riding in the rain.

Get help with your bike

If you live in Boca Raton, FL and have any questions about these helpful safety tips for cycling in the rain, or if you’re interested in a bicycle safety check to make sure you’re properly outfitted for all kinds of weather, contact Bicycle Doctor House Calls to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you!

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