How To Silence Squeaky Brakes on Your Bike

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Disc brakes are a great way to increase your confidence on the road when biking. These types of brakes provide consistent braking even when it is wet outside. Most disc brakes are very reliable and durable. One drawback, however, is that disc brakes can occasionally be very noisy. If you want to quiet your brakes, we can help. This quick guide will provide you with information on how to fix squeaky brakes. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Are My Brakes Noisy?

There can be many reasons why brakes will start making noise. Below we will go over a few reasons why your brakes might be noisy and ways to fix the problem. You should note, however, that just because the brakes are making noise, does not necessarily mean that the brakes are not doing their job properly. If the brakes are still stopping the bike safely, you may not need to perform a repair at all. If the noise from your brakes is annoying you, though, you might want to try some of these helpful tips.

Poor Alignment

One of the most common reasons for squeaky brakes is poor alignment of the brake caliper. You will know that this is the problem if you hear a “ping” noise coming from the calipers when you ride. You can fix this problem by loosening the two caliper mounting bolts. You can then reposition them over the rotor. If you are wondering how to stop disc brake rub, this is your solution. If this does not resolve the issue, you might want to reach out to a professional bike mechanic in your area.

Cable Tension

Another problem that can cause noisy brakes is cable tension. To fix this issue, you will need to set the static pad close to the disc rotor. You should set it as closely as possible. You can then adjust the cable tension. Once adjusted, you should feel a difference in the lever. You want an optimal lever feel.

Contaminated Pads

Contaminated pads can also contribute to noisy braking. Your pads can get contaminated easily if you often ride through oil. This can also happen if you accidentally get a degreaser or lubricant on the brake pads.

To avoid this problem, you must ensure that your disc rotor and caliper are covered any time you spray degreaser on your chain. One way to ensure that cleaning the bike doesn’t compromise the brake pads is to have a professional do any degreasing that needs to be done.

If your pads are contaminated, you will need to carefully clean the disc rotor and the caliper. You will also need to replace the pads. Remember, this is also a safety issue because the brakes can not function properly if the pads are contaminated.

Pad Material

Another thing you should consider is that the pad material that is used can also affect how quiet or noisy braking is. In general, organic pad materials tend to be much quieter than metallic pads. If you want to decrease noise when braking, talk with a local bike mechanic about which type of pad material you should use.

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