Get to Know Your Bicycle: Bike Parts in Boca Raton, FL for Beginners

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Can you name all of the individual parts that comprise your bike? If you say “wheels, frame, handlebars, brakes and a seat,” you’re off to a good start, but still a long way from the full list of parts! The reality is that there are closer to 30 different bike parts in Boca Raton, FL that keep your wheels spinning when you hop on for a ride!

Now, while you can’t be expected to know every single component on your bike and what it does, it is helpful to at least be able to name a few important features and what they’re responsible for in the overall function of your bicycle. Take a look at some of these parts and learn a little bit more about some of the lesser known components that are responsible for holding your bike together:

  • Drop bars: We’re all familiar with handlebars, but what about those special additions that curve down and away from the ends of your handlebars? These are called “drop bars” and they’re used as an alternative grip position for your hands. Best used when riding long distances or with a form that requires you to be lower, you’ve probably seen professional bike racers gripping these as they pedal hard!
  • Chain rings: These are the gears that are found on the right-hand crank arm, near the front of your bike. You probably don’t pay much attention to chain rings, but they’re tremendously important for sport bikers or enthusiasts. A bike with two chain rings is known to have a double crank,” while models with three chain rings are called triple cranks.
  • Fork: The fork of your bike is generally part of the frame, but an important part nonetheless—it’s where your front wheel is attached! Named for the shape it makes, the fork of your bike supports the hub of the front wheel so it can spin independently from the gears that preside over the back wheel.
  • Stem: The stem is where your handlebars connect to the frame of your bike. This is an important junction because it’s often used to help adjust the height of the handlebars or, on some higher-end bikes, used to swap out handlebar types altogether!
  • Saddle: We’re all familiar with the saddle of our bikes, but under a different name – that’s right, we’re talking about the seat!
  • Derailer: When you shift gears on your bike, the derailer is what’s responsible for moving that chain up or down the line smoothly. Generally you’ll have a front and rear derailer, controlled by corresponding mechanisms on your left and right handlebars.

If you thought your bike was just a few parts and pieces tossed together to make a simple machine, you’re far from the truth! In the reality, it takes numerous bike parts in Boca Raton, FL to make your bike the functional piece of equipment it is. And, getting to know even a few of these pieces can help you to better understand the overall function of your bike more thoroughly.

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