Common Forms of Wheelchair Repair in Boca Raton, FL

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Despite being bicycle specialists, Bicycle Doctor, Inc. – House Calls is also available for wheelchair repair in Boca Raton, FL. Like we enjoy saying, if it has wheels and gears, we can fix it! Here are the repairs we perform to keep your mobility device in top working order so you can continue without disruption to your everyday life:

  • Alignment: Handling is important for wheelchairs as with any other vehicle. If your chair tends to pull and track in one direction, it makes it difficult to keep up with foot traffic or maneuver onto a ramp or into an elevator. Alignment issues are often to blame, and we can adjust it so your chair glides straight again. At the same time, we will often adjust casters and axles to help assure more stability.
  • Spoke restoration: Spokes become loose with use and can also affect handling or, at the least, make annoying sounds. If they are damaged and tightening them won’t do, we will also replace them when necessary.
  • Tire replacement: Flat tires are a fact of life with bicycles, automobiles and even wheelchairs. Tires also wear out in time and lose tread, which can make maneuvering on wet sidewalks and other questionable surfaces difficult. Sometimes, we only have to replace the inner tub, and other times, the whole tire needs replacement. We can also go over your options for tires. Bike tires work well but can mark floors. Other choices can work great for both indoor and outdoor use. We can discuss your lifestyle and figure out the right tires for you.
  • Seat maintenance: Cleaning cushions and covers, checking footrest positioning and inspecting backrest bolts and adjustment all assure comfort and safety. If lumbar and other support cushions are wearing out, those can be replaced, too. While you want a functional wheelchair, you also need it to support your body and be comfortable. That makes seat adjustments and condition checks just as essential as handling and mobility.
  • Wheel lock inspection: If a wheel lock fails at the wrong moment, it can place you in danger. Sometimes, the locks wear out and need to be replaced. Other times, under-inflated tires or loose bolts are the issue. Just as with brakes on a bike, these are treated as essential equipment and thoroughly checked and tested. If you notice any difficulties from your wheel locks, give us a call so we can help keep you safe.
  • Clean casters: When your chair moves smoothly, it is because your casters are working properly. Debris in the casters can affect stability and mobility. Giving them a good cleaning can help regain the chair’s performance, although if casters are worn out or wobble constantly, it is likely we will just replace them.

Bicycle Doctor, Inc. – House Calls offers mobile wheelchair repair in Boca Raton, FL to help your device operate at peak efficiency. We will come to you so your wheelchair resumes normal operation without further inconvenience to you. Call us today if you require our assistance.

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