Common Bicycle Repairs in Boca Raton, FL and Why These Problems Occur

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Most people tend to forget that far and above being an object for your enjoyment and transportation, a bicycle is actually a mechanical item. Whether you’re rocking a fixed gear bike or have yourself a snazzy 10-speed, a bicycle is made up of numerous mechanical components that work together to give you a complete bike. And, just like any other mechanical object out there, your bike is prone to failure if you’re not able to maintain it to the highest degree of quality.

Actually, bike failures can happen for a number of reasons and the need for bike repairs in Boca Raton, FL can be prompted by any number of issues. Some of the most common bike issues to occur can include:

Slipped gears

Bikes with numerous gears are great for people traversing various styles of terrain, but they can also be a source of frustration when there’s a problem with the gears themselves. The most common issue, by far, is a slipped gear, which occurs when the chain falls off between shifting gears. This will render your bike immobile immediately, since pedaling with a loose chain is the equivalent of pressing a gas pedal that’s not connected to anything!

Luckily, slipped gears are easy to fix and you can probably just slip the chain back into place yourself. In some rare cases, slipped gears can result in complex issues, requiring the need for a repair specialist.

Handbrake problems

Riding a bike with no brakes is generally a scenario that ends in a wipeout! Your brakes should engage when you press down on them and disengage when you release them—if they don’t, it’s a problem with the brake line that’s going to call for bicycle repairs in Boca Raton, FL.

The issue could be anything from a severed brake link that snapped due to stress, to worn brakes that no longer engage fully, to misalignment caused by wear and tear. Whatever the case, it bears fixing immediately.

Wheel troubles

Like a car, your bike can experience wheel alignment issues that make it harder to ride or even unsafe. Wobbly wheels are perhaps the most common and occur when the lug nut connecting your wheel to the frame is uneven. Conversely, over tightening your wheels is going to lead to mobility issues and, when you try to correct the problem with too much lubrication, the problem will likely come full circle as a wobbly wheel!

Bent spokes, missing spokes and various troubles with your tires, including inner tube blowouts and punctures, will also compromise your bike in a way that both makes it difficult to enjoy and hazardous to try and ride.

Keep an eye out for any of the common bike issues listed above and be sure to frequently and thoroughly inspect your bike to catch developing issues before they arise! If you do find something brewing or a problem that has already occurred, call for bike repairs in Boca Raton, FL today!

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