How to Fix a Basic Flat on Your Bike

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No matter how carefully you ride, you’ll eventually get a flat tire. Luckily, fixing a basic flat is easy. The first time might be a bit difficult, but it gets easier the more you practice. With a basic repair kit and tools, a flat need never faze you again. Here’s a closer look at how to fix a flat bike tire with some basic household items: Remove the wheel: You may want to flip the bicycle upside down to make this part easier. Release the brakes on your bike. Either release the cable or open the quick-release lever, depending on... View Article

Qualities of a Dependable Bike Repair Shop

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When you rely on your bike to get around, you also need to find a great bicycle repair shop. What should you look for? Not only do you want to find a place that’s affordable and reliable, but they should also have the necessary skills to perform repairs and maintenance. How do you know whether a bike shop fits the bill? Here’s how to tell whether a bicycle repair shop will be dependable: Gets great reviews: One of the best ways to find a good bicycle repair shop is to ask your fellow bicyclists where they like to go. Most... View Article

The Most Common Bike Repair Myths

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If you’re an avid cyclist, it can be highly rewarding to learn how to repair and maintain your own bike. That being said, as you do your research, it’s important not to fall victim to some commonly spread myths and misconceptions regarding bike repair. Make sure you’re using high-quality sources when seeking information and instructions for bike repair, and avoid some of the most common bike repair myths in Boca Raton, FL. Myth: You can purchase a bike online that’s ready to ride As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, many people are purchasing bikes online rather than going to a... View Article

Bicycle Repair FAQ

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Living in sunny southern Florida means we get to enjoy ideal cycling weather almost all year round. With so many opportune times to go for a ride, your bicycle is probably in need of some standard maintenance. While you can perform a bike tune-up in Boca Raton, FL on your own, you should consider taking your bicycle to a professional or having one of the team members at Bicycle Doctor House Calls pay your ride a visit. How often should I tune up my bike? Regular bike maintenance all depends on how often you ride and how much mileage you... View Article

What’s Wrong with My Bike?

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To someone who has yet to discover the wonderful world of bicycling, a bike might seem like a simple machine—a couple pedals, two wheels, some handles and you’re done. Any avid rider, though, understands that any bicycle is a complex mechanism that can present any number of issues when something goes wrong. If you’re concerned about problems with your bike in Boca Raton, FL, here are some tips for diagnosing the issue. The seat is stuck When you finally get your seat adjusted to the right height and angle, you may not give its movement much thought. However, over an... View Article

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