Why Invest in Electric Bike Conversion in Boca Raton, FL

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Converting your regular bike into an electric bike may seem complicated, but it is actually an easy transition if you hire the right technician. There are many reasons that make an electric bike conversion in Boca Raton, FL a reasonable investment that translates into better flexibility and convenience in your transportation options. If you are considering this upgrade to your bike, here is why it could be a great option for you:

  • The hills seem steeper: We may not be in the same shape we once were before age or injury occurred. Slowing down significantly when you hit a hill can impede the traffic of other bicyclists or, at the very least, leave you uncomfortable. If you struggle to ride up hills, an electric motor could be a great addition. You will not have to slow down by walking your bike up the hill, and you will keep up with other riders more easily.
  • Expand your options: Riding your bike in heavy traffic areas is not always desirable. Part of this has to do with your speed. The electric motor will speed you up enough that you can evade traffic hazards more effectively and ride in these busier areas. Also, it allows you to travel additional miles. You will be able to bike where you would usually take a car and save money on fuel costs.
  • You already like your bike: If you are considering a moped or other small transportation device for quick errands, an electric bike could also fill that need. You already have your bike optimized for you and your personal comfort. This can be vastly preferable to shopping around for the perfect moped only to fail anyway. By upgrading your present bicycle, you know what you are getting and you already know you like it.
  • Less sweating: Commuting to work on your bike could mean showing up with a less than professional appearance. This is often an issue if you do not have time to shower and change before the workday or if your workplace does not have showers available. Adding assistance through an electric motor means less sweating as you commute to work. If you want that good workout, just turn the motor off after you leave work and pedal home the non-motorized way!
  • More accessible biking: The motor allows you to bike even if you are not feeling your best. If you are just tired after a long day of work, you can still take your bike on an errand without making too much effort. The same is true if you are recovering from a minor injury and are ready to try riding again but still need a backup plan. Your bike has more possibilities because circumstances do not have to be optimal to ride it.

For an easy and effective electric bike conversion in Boca Raton, FL, contact Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls. We will answer all your questions, and house calls are available if you are not able to deliver your bike to us on your own.

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