What Is An Electric Bike?

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Electric bikes (or e-bikes, as they are sometimes known) are regular bikes that have been outfitted with a system that allows them to run on both electric power and pedaling. These bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are eco-friendly, clean, affordable, and a lot of fun to ride.

If you’re considering an electric bike conversion in Boca Raton, FL, make sure you find a reputable bicycle repair shop to help you with the work. A professional bike repairman will make sure everything is installed correctly, so you can start zooming around the roads on your powered ride in no time. Here are a few facts about electric bikes to get you started.

Electricity Helps

Electric bikes use electricity as a boost. Having an e-bike does not entirely replace pedaling, but will make things like climbing hills and traveling long distances much less tiring and strenuous.

Three Parts

There are a lot of e-bike kits on the market, and the choices can be overwhelming. Having a pro around to help you decipher your options is key. Keep in mind that there are three main components to install: the battery, the motor, and the drivetrain. There are also numerous add-ons, such as cruise control or regenerative braking, which can make the ride more enjoyable.

Motors can attach to the front hub, rear hub, or mid-drive, and each has a different sensation for the rider. Hub motors are most popular. Batteries available today will provide anywhere from about 20 to 60 miles between charges. This range is dictated by the rider’s habits: how often they pedal versus letting the motor do all the work. The drivetrain is what lets drivers push the pedals, turn the wheels, and shift gears.

Just Plug It In

Charging your e-bike battery is incredibly simple: just plug it into any wall socket. There is a range here again, in terms of charge time and hold. Inexpensive batteries take between six and eight hours to charge, and in general will last anywhere from 300 to 700 charges. If you invest in a higher quality battery, you can expect it to last for roughly 700 to 1000 charges, and take much less time to charge, typically between two and four hours.

Power Ratings Vary

As with other forms of powered transportation, electric bikes have many different power ratings, ranging from 200W to 1,000W or more. When you consider your power rating, think of it like your car’s horsepower. A higher power rating means your bike can easily pull higher weight, but it will also use up more battery in the process.

Batteries Vary, Too

Ask your bike shop what type of battery they recommend. Choices range from sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries to lithium batteries, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

When you’re ready for an electric bike conversion in Boca Raton, FL, head over to your local bike shop to talk with a professional. Enjoy the new ride!

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