How Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Using a Mobile Bike Service

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Many seniors ride bicycles well into their later years. Cycling is a fantastic sport for people of any age, but the elderly may stand to benefit from it the most because it can keep you fit without putting a ton of stress or impact on your joints. Unfortunately, regular cycling can put wear and tear on your bike, forcing you to take it in for repairs or maintenance every so often.

In the past, the only option to receive bike repair was to take your bike to a physical bike shop. If the shop was busy that day, you could be waiting for hours to get your bike back. This process is time consuming, inconvenient and potentially frustrating.

However, more and more bike shops are now offering mobile bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL. This means that experienced bike repair technicians will come directly to your door in a van or truck, equipped with all the parts and tools they need to make your bike run like new.

This type of service is great for everyone, but can be especially beneficial to seniors who regularly ride their bike or use a scooter or wheelchair for mobility. Here are some of the ways mobile bike repair can benefit the elderly.

Perfect for people with limited mobility

It’s common for elderly individuals to have trouble with mobility, potentially requiring a scooter or wheelchair to get around or requiring additional assistance when traveling to places outside the home. For these people, having a service that comes directly to their door is extremely useful.

When you call for mobile bicycle or wheelchair repair in Boca Raton, FL, you won’t need to drive far, struggle to lift a scooter or wheelchair out of the car or be stuck with a dysfunctional mobility tool at home. We’ll come to you and allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home while we service your bike, scooter or wheelchair just outside.

Service for more than bicycles

One of the major benefits of mobile bike repair services like Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls is that we service more than just bicycles. We are also adept at repairing and maintaining electric scooters and standard or motorized wheelchairs. For our elderly customers, this diversity in service is essential. If you don’t ride a bike but use a wheelchair daily, we can come to you and fix up the mobility tool you use every day.

True convenience

Ultimately, the best benefit that mobile bicycle or wheelchair repair can offer elderly customers is true convenience. With house calls for bike repair, you won’t have to leave your home, handle loading a bike, struggle with traffic, wait at the shop or do anything else. Just make an appointment, greet your repair tech when they arrive and that’s it!

Rely on your local mobile bike repair shop

Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls is an experienced bike repair company offering mobile bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL. We are happy to repair and maintain bicycles, scooters, electric scooters and standard and motorized wheelchairs, all in our mobile repair vehicle. Contact us to make an appointment today and experience the ultimate in convenience!

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