How to Check the Quality of Your Bicycle Rims

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Most commercially available bicycles use the wheel rims as part of their braking system. This means that you have to have rims that are in good condition in order to ride and brake safely. As your rims degrade, you begin to lose your braking ability. While rims should last a considerable amount of time, many bike owners neglect to pay attention to their rims, opting instead to focus their efforts and money on more visible pieces of the cycle.

When rims wear down too much, they’re likely to crack and fall apart while riding or inflating tires. This can be exceptionally dangerous, especially if the rim breaks while you’re out on the road. When a rim breaks, it will usually destroy the tube, and likely the tire itself, as well.

It’s exceptionally important to care for your rims while performing regular bike maintenance. A company capable of performing mobile bicycle maintenance in Boca Raton, FL can help you analyze the health of your rims and assist you with replacing them when the time comes.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to replacing bike rims:

  • Look for a concave spot: The first thing that you should do is look at your rim and examine it for any signs of advanced wear. This usually manifests as a concave depression on the center of the rim. Also, look for grooves on the side of the rim. These are caused by dirt caught up in the brake pad, which can cause the rim to fail prematurely.
  • Check out the wear indicators: Some rims have wear indicators that can make it easier to identify the level of wear on the cycle. They usually look like an even, deep groove that appears on the rim when you first purchase it. The wear indicators become thinner with use, and eventually disappear. When the indicators are gone, it’s time for new rims.
  • Consider rim types: You should also take into account the type of rims that you have on your cycle, and consider investing in other types of rims. The most common rims are made of aluminum; however, these can wear down very early. Carbon fiber rims are likely to last longer.
  • Invest in other types of braking systems: If you’re serious about cycling, you may want to consider investing in another type of braking system, like a drum brake. These systems are more effective, and don’t pose the same safety risks as rim brakes when riding.

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