Identifying Common Bike Noises and What They Mean

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There is nothing more disturbing to a nice peaceful bicycle ride than loud squeaking or grinding noises coming from your bike. In some cases, a minor adjustment can alleviate the irritating sounds, but other times a deeper bicycle inspection in Boca Raton, FL is needed. Follow along with this guide for help with identifying some of the most common noises you may hear coming from your bicycle:

  • Lack of lubrication: If your bicycle chain has not been lubricated or cleaned in a while, you may notice a squeaking noise when you pedal. If you still hear the squeaking coming from the area after the chain has been cleaned and sufficiently oiled, the noise could be coming from a loose cleat screw.
  • Brake pads: If the squeaking sound is coming from the area around your wheels, the issue could lie with the brake pads. Brake pads that are particularly worn or excessively dirty may make noise when they vibrate against the rim of the tire and will need to be replaced.
  • Bottom bracket: A clunking noise that comes from the bottom portion of your bike while you are pedaling could be the result of a loose bottom bracket. After it has been determined that the issue isn’t related to the pedal itself, the bracket will have to be retightened with a special set of tools.
  • Seat post or saddle: As you continue to ride your bike over time, the seat or saddle may become displaced, leading to a creaking noise when you ride. It can often be difficult to determine which part is creating the noise, however, and it is best to have a professional take a look to determine the exact cause of the sound.
  • Poor wiring: Bicycle wiring and cabling that is installed incorrectly can lead to a number of different noises. If excess cable was left at the front end of your bike during setup, you might hear a constant clicking sound as the wires snap against each other, or against the frame of your bicycle. Issues with the internal cabling, meanwhile, can produce a loud rattling noise.
  • Short valve stem: An incorrectly sized valve stem could lead to a rattling noise in the wheels. If you only notice the noise when you are on a rough or bumpy ride, it could be caused by a short valve stem that is hitting the rim.

Riding your bicycle while it is damaged is not only unsafe, but can also create even deeper issues that could worsen the malfunction. If you hear your bicycle making any of these sounds during your ride, you will call Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls right away to schedule a bicycle inspection in Boca Raton, FL. We have been helping riders determine exactly what is wrong with their bikes for more than 45 years. Whether you need a seat adjustment or the cabling needs to be rerouted, please contact us to schedule your appointment so we can get you riding safely again as soon as possible.

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