How to Recognize the Signs of Improper Bicycle Assembly

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It doesn’t matter the type or style of bicycle you ride—your safety while pedaling anywhere is important. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear a bicyclist has been injured on a city street? You probably assume they were involved in a collision with a vehicle. While bike-to-car contact, especially at a high speed, is very dangerous, cyclists are regularly faced with other potential dangers. One lesser known danger is associated with bicycle equipment failure. There are many reasons for this type of failure, some of which happen during the assembly or manufacturing process.

Help yourself to avoid being that bicycle rider who crashes because of an equipment defect. Here’s what you need to understand in order to recognize the signs that you may need help from an experienced bicycle assembly service in Boca Raton, FL:

  • Problems with handlebars or the bike stem: Riders can run into problems when these components are not installed properly. Installed too loosely or tightened too much can cause them to break.
  • Stem raised too high: One of the last things you want to happen while pedaling downhill fast is for the bike to fall apart. The stem and handlebars can separate from the bike’s frame when there’s an inadequate stem quill inserted into the frame.
  • Seat post too high: Avoid riding your bicycle with the seat adjusted to the minimum depth of the post. This means the post is not inserted deep enough into the frame. If the seat post is raised too high, it can jiggle and fall out of the bike frame.
  • Improperly tightened wheel skewers: A common danger associated with bicycle parts has to do with the quick release skewers. These parts are supposed to hold the wheels onto the rear drop-outs or front fork of the bike. Be cautious of quick release skewers that are too loose, as the wheels can actually fall right off the bicycle. This can send the cyclist over the handlebars and cause serious head injury.
  • Bike pedals improperly attached: Seeing a cyclist’s pedals swing off mid-spin is a scary thing for them to go through, and not at all safe. Check the pedals before each ride to ensure they are attached properly and line up with the threads of the pedal spindle and crank arm. Otherwise, the pedal can detach without warning.
  • Defects in the frame and fork: Many high-end bike frames are constructed of carbon fiber due to their lighter weight and increased stiffness. Carbon fiber is a strong material, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fail. A big problem with carbon fiber failures is the fact that they are unpredictable and don’t really present any warning signs. You can check for damage to the frame and fork, but breaks are often not identifiable until after a cyclist suffers a serious injury.

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