Tips for Safe Hot Weather Cycling in Boca Raton, FL

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As the temperatures stay in the 90s and 100s throughout August and into September, the challenge to safely embark on a bicycle ride increases significantly. Safe cycling in Boca Raton, FL in hot weather is particularly rough with the high humidity levels, which make the already uncomfortable temperatures feel even hotter. Additionally, the humidity slows down the rate at which sweat evaporates, leaving you to feel really worn out and close to overheating. If you can’t stand the thought of waiting until the weather cools off to take your next ride, familiarize yourself with these hot weather cycling tips.

Dress Appropriately

As you prepare for your ride, opt for lightweight clothing with wicking properties if possible. Your jersey should have a full zipper so you can open it up to allow more air in to cool you off as you are cycling. Choose polarized sunglasses to combat the harsh rays of the summer sun, and of course, don’t forget lots of sunscreen. Wear a bandana around your head under your helmet, but also have one at your waist that you can use to wipe the sweat away from your brow at stops.

Drink Up

Water is a cyclist’s best friend. Taking a ride when you are dehydrated will cause you to sweat more and become exhausted faster. Many of the heat-related ailments that cycling enthusiasts experience are directly related to their water consumption. Fill up on water before your ride and take small sips at regular intervals when you are cycling. Before your ride, plot places where you can refill your water bottle, such as cafes, convenience stores and rest stops.

Time Your Ride

Early mornings and late evenings during the summer are ideal for those wanting to take a bicycle ride. Plan your ride carefully and stick to your schedule. Leaving on your ride even a half-hour later than expected could drastically impact the weather conditions you ride through.

Thoroughly Recover

Intense hot weather cycling in Boca Raton, FL drains your body’s resources. Following your outing, eat a meal heavy in healthy carbs and proteins. Continue to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, especially if you plan on riding the following day. All too often, cyclists forget that one of the most important parts of the ride is the recovery. Don’t skip out on letting your body bounce back after a high-intensity workout.


If you are visiting Boca Raton or another location for some cycling, remember to give yourself time to adjust to the different climate. If the climate is warmer and/or more humid than you are accustomed to, your rides the first few days should be shorter and less intense than usual. Your body will eventually make the adjustment, but don’t rush it.

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