Tips for Cycling in Hot Weather

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Summer is on the way, and here in south Florida the summers can be particularly hot and humid. If you enjoy getting out on your bicycle, it’s important that you be prepared for the hot weather that comes with the summer months.

Here are a few tips for cycling in hot weather in Boca Raton, FL to help you stay safe and comfortable:

  • Give yourself proper protection: One of your primary focuses should be preventing sunburn. Not only will a sunburn damage your skin, but it will also tire you out faster and increase your metabolism, meaning you’ll need to drink much more water to make up for what you’re losing. This can be a challenge on hot days when you’re already probably having a harder time than usual staying hydrated. To protect yourself from the sun, always wear sunscreen, and wear loose-fitting clothes or clothes with sleeves to give you some sun protection. Wearing a cap under your helmet can also help you shield your head.
  • Acclimate your body: A big mistake cyclists commonly make is going out for a ride in extreme heat without properly preparing themselves for the conditions. A failure to acclimate to the conditions can result in a greater potential for injury or heat stroke. Start out by riding earlier or later in the day, when the weather is cooler, and work your way up to biking in the heat, either by slightly altering your ride times each day or by trying some sessions of Bikram hot yoga or spending time in the sauna to get used to the heat. If you do ride in the heat, make sure you take brakes in the shade and stay hydrated.
  • Always cool down: Take other steps to keep yourself cool, both during and after your ride. Never use ice—this can shock your body and cause blood vessels to constrict. Instead, use cool water or cool, damp towels to cool yourself off.
  • Plan your ride: A bit of advance planning can help you stay safe and comfortable on your ride. Figure out where you’ll be able to restock with cold beverages if you’re going to be going on a long ride—drinking cold fluids will help you maintain a cooler core temperature. Know where you’ll be able to find some shady places to rest, as well. Make sure you’re thinking ahead with regard to what you’re bringing—you’ll need to prepare ice in advance, for example.
  • Hydrate outside of your ride: Drinking water while on your ride is helpful, but it may not be enough for you to be properly hydrated. You should make it a point to constantly drink water around the house, and also to increase consumption of water-heavy fruits and vegetables if you’re preparing for a long ride. Sports drinks with electrolytes can help your body retain fluids for longer rides as well.
  • Go easy: You don’t need to maintain the same pace you would on cooler days—sometimes it’s safer and in your best interest to ease up a bit.

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