Preparing Your Bike for the Summer Weather

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The weather is getting warmer, which means you’ll be taking your bike out more often. Getting your bike ready for the summer months in Boca Raton, FL is extremely important. This usually involves getting a professional bike tune-up, taking care of any repairs, investing in the right equipment and more. When your bike’s properly prepared, you’ll be assured a fun and safe summer of riding! Learn about all the ways to properly get your bike ready for summer below:

  • Check the gears: The gears are an important part of your bike that help maintain speed. There are several signs that your gears may need replacing, including worn-down teeth and rusted parts. It’s also good to properly test the gears before taking your bike on a long ride. You can do this by riding around your neighborhood while switching between gears.
  • Adjust the cables when necessary: Your bike features two sets of cables, including the brake cables and gear cables. Both these cables require tightening over time, so it’s good to check them before a long bike ride. Cables that are too stretched out can cause misalignments and problems with braking.
  • Get your tires up to speed: Bike tires require routine maintenance in order to work at optimum efficiency. This means maintaining the right amount of air pressure and cleaning your tires from time to time. You’ll also want to switch out your tires based on the terrain.
  • Clean your bike: One of the easiest ways to prepare your bike for the summer is by cleaning it. Not only will cleaning make your bike look great, it will also help prolong its life. A good cleaning will help prevent debris from tearing up parts of your bike. Cleaning your bike is usually a quick and easy process. Simply use a rag to wipe away any dirt you see. It’s important to never use abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals to clean your bike, as these could damage the paint and other parts.
  • Lube your chain: To ensure your bike performs at optimum efficiency, it’s important to lube the chain from time to time. This will keep parts from wearing down too quickly from friction. Be sure to only use top-quality lube on your bike chain. An expert in your area will likely be able to recommend the best bike lube brand. It’s also important to avoid over-lubing your bike. Follow the directions on the lube bottle and you should be fine.
  • Look for any hardware issues: Look at all the nuts and bolts on your bike. Make sure they’re tightened and free from rust. Rust can sometimes develop on a bike’s hardware during the winter. You’ll want to replace any nuts and bolts that look worse for wear.
  • Replace your lights if necessary: If you did a lot of night riding during the colder months, it’s a good idea to check your lights. Replacement lights are usually inexpensive and easy to install.

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