How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter

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Due to their ease of use, energy efficiency and durability, electric scooters are quickly becoming one of the top ways to get from point A to point B. While your scooter will last for ages before it needs to be replaced, there is some maintenance required to keep it running its best.

This post will cover the basic maintenance you or a professional can perform to avoid the need for scooter repair.


Many electric scooters have brushed motors with a chain drive. These chains need to be degreased and lubricated every once in a while. Additionally, you’ll need to replace the carbon brushes inside the motor—which are responsible for conducting electricity—every six months.

Brushless and gearless motors don’t require as much maintenance, but you’ll still want to disassemble the motor every few months to clean out the built-up grime.


Keeping your battery in good shape prolongs its lifespan while ensuring it lasts for as long as possible on a single charge. The easiest form of battery maintenance is to always unplug it once it’s fully charged. Along with that, avoid letting your battery run all the way down before you recharge it.


How often you need to change your tires depends on how frequently you ride your scooter. Those who ride every day should probably swap their tires out every year or so. Be sure to keep your tires inflated to the recommended level. Many electric scooter tires have a recommended tire pressure of 45 PSI, but be sure to check your owner’s manual to be sure.


Maintaining the brakes is another great way to stay safe on your scooter and avoid accidents that require scooter repair. Most electric scooters have mechanical brake systems with brake pads that wear down after a while. If your brakes are squeaky or less responsive than they used to be, it may be time to replace the brake pads.


The bearings on your front and rear wheels accumulate quite a bit of dirt and debris on your daily commute. While a bit of grime is okay, too much buildup can lead to poor performance. Remove your wheels and use a cleaning solvent to eliminate all of that buildup.

Before putting your wheels back on, use a spray grease to grease up the bearings to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible.

DIY vs. professional maintenance

Many of the items mentioned above can be performed on your own. But instead of doing that work alone, just bring your scooter to a professional for maintenance. Professional maintenance saves you a ton of time and trouble. Letting a pro handle your scooter maintenance also ensures you don’t make any mistakes that could necessitate expensive repairs.

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