Everything You Should Know About Bike Tune-Ups

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Just like car parts, bicycle components wear down over time, necessitating help from a bike mechanic to set them straight with a tune-up. One of the first questions beginners ask when their bike needs to be serviced is, “What is a bike tune-up?”

Thankfully, we have the answers. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a newbie, you’re sure to learn some more about bike tune-ups in this post.

What do they do in bike tune-ups?

We can best answer what a bike tune-up is by explaining all of the steps involved in a tune-up. Here’s what you can expect when you hire a mechanic to perform a tune-up:

  • Drivetrain: The drivetrain refers to everything that makes the bike go. Every rider is familiar with the chain, but the drivetrain also includes the cassette, front and rear derailleurs and the chainwheel. Your mechanic will lubricate all of these components and replace them if they’re excessively worn.
  • Cleaning: You should make a habit of cleaning and lubricating your bike after every few rides. If you don’t do that, your mechanic can take care of it for you. Your bike will be cleaned and lubricated from top to bottom before moving on to any other steps.
  • Wheels: Mechanics can spend a large amount of time working on a bike’s wheels if it’s been a while since a bike has been tuned up. Tuning the wheels consists of adjusting the external tension on the bearings by aligning the rims with the axle. Mechanics will also true the wheel by tensioning the spokes to make sure the rims are straight.
  • Headset and bottom bracket: The headset is located between the handlebar and the bike’s fork, and the bottom bracket connects the crankset to the bike’s frame. The bearings inside these components become loose over time, posing a safety hazard and making your bike feel loose. Your mechanic will tighten or replace these bearings during your tune-up.
  • Gears and brakes: Considerable time is spent adjusting your gears and brakes to ensure they’re just right. The brake pads will be aligned with the rims, and the tension of the brake cables will be adjusted to prevent riders from flying over the handlebars. Next the derailleur will be inspected and adjusted to prevent the chain from slipping off the cog while ensuring accurate shifting.

When is a tune-up required?

You should bring your bike in for a tune-up every few months. If your gears are slipping or your components feel loose, call a mechanic sooner rather than later. Additionally, pay attention to any strange squeaky noises while you’re riding, and talk to a mechanic if those sounds are getting louder.

Let our team tune-up your bike

If your bike needs some TLC, be sure to call Bicycle Doctor House Calls. Our years of experience performing bike tune-ups ensure your bike will run its best. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up appointment or to learn more about what they do in bike tune-ups.

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