How to Maintain an E-Scooter

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While electric scooters (e-scooters) don’t have nearly as many components as a vehicle, they require regular maintenance all the same. Electric scooter maintenance is important when it comes to preventing the probability of major mechanical problems, and it also boosts the efficiency of the bike.

Follow these six tips for maintaining an electric scooter to keep your ride running reliably whenever you take it out for a spin.

Cleaning the scooter

Since water and electricity don’t mix, you can’t clean your scooter like you would your car. Instead of hosing it down, use a damp rag and water to carefully wipe dust and dirt from the bike. If you’ve got stubborn areas of grime or stuck-on insects, use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe it away. Overall, the goal is to get the scooter clean without using excess water, taking care to keep moisture away from sensitive electronics and batteries.

Lubricating moving parts

Lubricating all moving parts of the scooter is important for electric scooter maintenance. Use WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube or a comparable product that contains PTFE to lubricate wheel and headset bearings. Spray a small amount on the components, and wipe away the excess, taking great care to avoid getting any of the product on brake components.

You also need to lubricate the folding mechanism and shock absorber using the same careful approach. Remember that standard WD-40 won’t work to lubricate scooter parts and that you need a product with PTFE to prevent friction from damaging important components of your bike.

Maintaining tires

If you own an electric scooter with pneumatic air tires, make sure to check the air pressure regularly. Keep them at the recommended air pressure, which is indicated on the sidewalls of the tires. Whether your scooter has pneumatic or solid tires, regularly look for wear and tear, and replace tires when treads get too low.

Checking brakes

Functioning brakes are essential to your safety as you ride your e-scooter. If your scooter has disc brakes, check the pads for wear, making sure the friction material is still in place. Even a moderate amount of wear and tear can have a big impact on your ability to stop quickly as you drive, so be sure to invest in new brake pads whenever necessary to protect yourself and other drivers on the road.

Checking cables and fasteners

You should regularly check all fasteners on your scooter to make sure nothing’s coming loose. Use a wrench to keep everything snug and tight. Take a look at the cable housing and fittings for wear and tightness, and reach out to your trusted scooter repair professionals if you notice any damage.

Caring for the battery

Batteries are usually the most expensive part of a scooter, so you need to keep up with preventative care and maintenance to avoid costly replacement. Refer to your owner’s manual to prevent overcharging or overheating. If your scooter has a lithium battery, be sure to maintain at least some charge, as these batteries become irreparably damaged if they completely lose a charge.

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