Why E-Bikes Make a Great Christmas Gift

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Why are bikes a great Christmas gift for people of all ages? Today technology has changed the biking industry, as convenient e-bikes are starting to take over the market. E-bikes handle and pedal just like a traditional bicycle, but they feature an electric battery that augments human power, helping riders power through hills and other inclines.

Read on to learn why e-bikes for Christmas make an incredible gift.

People of all ages can use them

If you give everyone on your nice list e-bikes for Christmas, you’re giving a gift that’s great for anyone who can ride a traditional bike. E-bikes give teenagers an unmatched sense of freedom before they get their driver’s license. Older adults who may not be able to ride traditional bikes due to health concerns also appreciate e-bikes. They feature pedal-assist technology, opening up bike-riding to a whole population of older people.

People of all fitness levels can use them

Electric bikes are equipped with electric components that augment human power—not replace it entirely. The assisted power can help those with mobility issues ride the bike, making biking up steep grades or hills much more manageable.

Since the extra power doesn’t replace your efforts completely, you’ll also burn calories as you ride. In fact, recent studies have shown that riding an e-bike is a great form of exercise that’s at least as comparable to riding a traditional bike. Altogether, you’ll be able to travel further distances without getting as tired, all while burning calories and staying fit.

They’re a sustainable form of transportation

E-bikes are a sustainable way to get around town, with most models getting between 20 miles to 30 miles on a charge. If you have a commuter on your shopping list, e-bikes for Christmas make a great gift, allowing them to get to their destination—whether it’s to work, back home or anywhere else—without burning fossil fuels or depending on public transit that can be expensive and unreliable. In short, e-bikes are a practical, affordable and environmentally-friendly form of transportation.

They’re safer than traditional bikes

E-bikes aren’t just an upgrade from normal bicycles in terms of the augmented power they provide to riders; they also feature one major safety upgrade: hydraulic brakes. Typical bicycles use cable brakes, but the hydraulic brakes in e-bikes are longer lasting and are much less prone to failure. Some e-bikes also feature stronger, puncture-resistant tires, making it less likely that you’ll get a flat or lose control of the bike when you’re riding on rough roads.

Why bikes for Christmas? There are plenty of reasons to consider gifting bikes for Christmas, but upgrading to an e-bike is one great way in particular to show your love and appreciation to someone special. E-bikes are safe, sustainable and perfect for all ages and fitness levels, providing year-round convenient transportation and healthy exercise. Get in touch with Bicycle Doctor House Calls today to learn more about e-bikes and to find the perfect model for that special person on your Christmas list.

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