Signs It Is Time for New Bicycle Tires

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What are the signs that your bicycle tires need to be replaced? Just like the brakes and chair on your bike, tires can also wear out over time. The good news is that there are several signs that you can pay attention to that may indicate it is time to change the tires. Tires are one of the key contributors to the performance of a bike. Continue reading to find out what those signs are.

When Do My Bicycle Tires Need To Be Replaced?

If you are wondering when to replace your bicycle tires, here are several signs to pay attention to.

Worn Down Tread

Tread that is worn down is probably the easiest sign to spot. If you notice any missing tread, it is a good indicator that your tires need to be replaced.

However, looking at a road bike tire can be a bit challenging due to the type of tire it has. They contain shallow grooves, so you will need to pay close attention to the surface of the bike’s tires to see if you can still notice the pattern. If it already looks worn, then it is a good sign that it is time for a new one.


Cracks on the rubber of your tires can occur if you let your bike sit for a couple of years. The rubber can become brittle as the bike begins to age. This can pose a danger to you if you continue to ride your bike with this type of damage.

While there may be times when riding an old bike that has cracks on the sidewalls is exceptional, inflating the tires with over PSI of air pressure will result in more damage. If you notice any cracks in your bike’s tires, then it is time to let it go.

Constant Flats

If you are a cyclist, you will soon learn that flats are quite common. However, if this problem continues to happen frequently, it can mean that something is wrong with your tires. Your tires may need to be replaced if you are experiencing more than a couple of flats each week. It may also indicate that the thread is so thin that it can no longer protect the tube from punctures.

Cuts and Holes

It is not possible to predict what is on the road in front of you when you take your bike for a ride. The road can be full of all types of debris which can put holes in your tires. It is wise to check if any of the holes penetrated the casing. If so, it is a good idea to change your tires. Keep in mind that any tube inflated to at least 100 PSI will squeeze through holes.

Exposed Casing

Another obvious and visible sign that you need to replace your bicycle tires is the exposed casing. It normally occurs on the front and rear tires, especially if you stay on them for a long period of time. The only thing that keeps them together is the thin section of casing.

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