Safety Tips for Bicyclists as Daylight Savings Approaches

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Daylight savings time is upon us. This is the time of year when extra caution is needed for outdoor activities during certain hours. This definitely includes those walking or cycling in the dark. This quick guide will provide some early darkness safety tips for cyclists you can use to stay safe out on the roads.

During this time of year, it is important for everyone to use added caution when out in the evenings. This applies to cyclists, pedestrians, children at play, and drivers.  

Be aware

Simply being aware that there are more dangers at this time of year can help you to stay alert and use better caution while you are out.

Plan ahead

With less daylight available it is better to always have plenty of time to get where you are going. Rushing always increases the level of danger, but rushing in the dark is a really bad idea. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Dress appropriately

This is especially important for cyclists and pedestrians. If you will be out walking after dark, dress in a way that you can be easily seen. Light-colored clothing and reflective clothing can make a huge difference. Cyclists also should have on light-colored or reflective clothing.  

Never assume

Never assume that a driver can see you. It is your job to protect yourself from drivers if you are walking or biking. Watch out for yourself and stay out of the way of oncoming traffic. Even if it is your right of way, you can’t assume that the drivers are following the rules.

Cross correctly

You could get hurt if you do not follow the rules of the intersections you are crossing. The rules are there for a reason. Always follow crosswalk rules.


If you will be out a lot after dark during this time of year, investing in reflective gear for your clothing or bike is a good idea.

Lighten up

It is also a good idea to carry a light source with you. This could be a flashlight, headlamp, or a light attached to your bike.

For the Drivers

You might not be on your bike all the time. When you are in the driver’s seat, there are also some important safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Use extra caution – Even if you are a cautious driver, it is a good idea to use extra caution during this time of year. Always be watching for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Slow down – It isn’t going to kill you to slow down, but the opposite might be true. Darkness calls for decreased speeds. Plan ahead to give yourself extra time to get to your destination.
  • Be aware of glare – Glare can decrease visibility. Keep your windshield clean to cut down on glare.
  • Be patient with others – Lack of patience can lead to unsafe practices and even road rage. Remember, your destination will still be there even if you are slowed down a little. Getting somewhere by a certain time isn’t important enough to lose your temper or get into an altercation.

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