The Importance of Reflective and Fluorescent Clothing While Cycling

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Cycling is an absolutely fantastic form of exercise, but it can be dangerous, especially if you are not wearing the proper safety gear. This does not just mean helmets and pads, but also safety vests that allow other cyclists and cars to see you. High-visibility clothing is a crucial part of safe cycling, and knowing why can help you see the real significance.

Why Reflective Clothing Is Important When Cycling

Every year, hundreds of cyclists are injured and even killed by accidents caused because drivers could not see them in the dark or fading light. Reflective clothing helps to draw attention to you, and it helps to distinguish you from the surrounding trees, brush and other natural elements. Other drivers can be fully aware of where you are so that they can give you the proper right of way and avoid hitting you and causing a potentially life-changing accident.

There are a ton of different options when it comes to reflective clothing that helps improve visibility when cycling. You can get vests to wear over your clothing to dramatically improve your chances of being seen clearly while cycling. These vests are inexpensive, easy to wear, and are not season-specific.

You can also get hats or reflectors that can be added to your helmet to help make yourself more visible. These can be stickers that are added to your helmet, products that stretch over your helmet, and more. You can also get pants that are high visibility, shorts that are high visibility, and even stickers that you can add to your bike to help increase your visibility.

When To Increase Visibility When Cycling

It is always a good idea to make sure you are as visible as possible to keep you safe while cycling. Though visibility at all times is important, it is also important to ensure that you are very visible during the early evening hours when the light is starting to fade. Twilight is especially dangerous for cyclists as they can be nearly invisible during this time of day when it is hard for drivers to see well.

You also need to make sure you are highly visible during the night if you are cycling after dark. In these cases, reflective clothing and artificial lights are both necessary. An artificial light on your person and your bike can help increase your visibility greatly and prevent an accident that can end your life or injure you very badly.

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