Why You Should Replace Your Bicycle Bearings

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Bicycles are great fun for people of all ages. They are also a great way to get exercise, and they provide an affordable means of transportation. For the most part, bicycles also require little maintenance, but there are some things we should know, like how often should you change your bicycle bearings.

It could easily be argued that the most important part of your bicycle isn’t what you can see but what you can’t see. Yes, the tires, chain, and even the steering bar are necessary, but none of those parts work without bearings. That is also why the bearings on your bicycle are the most important part of your trusted two-wheeled steed, and why you should know when it is time to change your bicycle bearings.

When Should I Replace My Bicycle Bearing

The important thing about your bicycle bearings is replacing them before it is too late. The last thing we want is for our bicycles to stop working at the most critical time, and the only way to prevent that is to replace them when they start to fail or falter.

The good news is there are some tell-tale signs that you may need to get the bearings on your bicycle inspected or replaced. Here are a few indicators to look for that could be signs of bad bearings:

  • Steering Issues: If your handlebars feel like they have play in them or they feel loose, it could be a sign to have your bearings inspected.
  • Speed Concerns: Does your bicycle seem like it isn’t getting up to speed as fast? If it takes more cranks and work to get your bicycle going, the bearing may be to blame.
  • Steadiness: If you are feeling a wobble in your tire, or even in the frame, there could be bearing issues in one of a few places. These also indicate that it may be time to replace your bearing.

Bicycles have bearings and different types of bearing sets throughout their frame and design. A bad, loose, or failing bearing in any of those areas will eventually create problems. The good news is we can be proactive and keep our bicycles as reliable, safe, and fun as ever with a little preventative work.

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