Signs Your Bicycle Needs New Brake Pads

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Keeping your bicycle in shape in all respects is essential, including changing your brake pads when you need to. The following is some information about the importance of replacing your bicycle’s brakes and how you can tell that the time has come to do so.

How Often Should I Replace My Bike’s Brake Pads?

Bicycle enthusiasts advise bike owners to change their brake pads every 20,000 miles at least. However, if you notice abnormal wear, you should change them sooner. For example, it’s time to replace them if they are less than 1/8 inch thick. 

How To Tell Your Bicycle’s Brake Pads Are Worn

You might not have access to a tool to measure your brake pads. In that case, you can use the following signs as an indicator that your brake pads might need to be changed soon:

Strange Sounds

A major sign that you need your brake pads changed is strange sounds. Squealing or squeaking are examples of such strange sounds. 

Grinding During Braking

A grinding sound during braking is a strong indicator that you need to purchase brake pads. The grinding sound means that your pads are so low that metal is rubbing against metal. That’s never a good thing in vehicle language.  


A dire need for replacement brakes can also manifest itself as a strong vibration. You will typically feel this vibration the most when you press your brake pads to stop. You will know by the weird vibrations that something isn’t making contact in a balanced way. This issue is one of the top signs you need to replace your bike’s brake pads ASAP. 

Stopping Takes Longer

This sign is perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time to have someone replace your brakes. If you notice that it takes you much longer to stop than it used to, the chances are high that a new set of brake pads will help you. You’ll then know how to take the appropriate steps to resolve your issue. 

Thin Pads

The final sign that you might need new brakes for your bike is thin brake pads. Thin pads have been worn, and they must be replaced with a strong and more viable set of brake pads. You’ll get the quick stop and smooth transition you deserve once you swap out those pads for something better. 

Where To Get Brake Pads Done

The best option is to find a reliable bicycle repair shop or an individual who has a long history of repairing bikes. Have that person do the work you need so that you can get your bike in its most productive and safest riding condition.

By using a tenured bike repair person, you’ll know that you can trust the condition of the finished product. Reach out to a provider in your area and schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. The two of you can decide on a plan to get your vehicle the brakes it needs as soon as possible. 

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