The Importance of Suspension Checks on Your Bicycle

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A bicycle is a great mode of transportation, and it is also fun. If you have a bike that you use often, it is important to take care of your suspension and check it often. There are some signs that you can watch out for that will help you determine if your bike suspension is going bad or needs to be checked.

When to check your bicycle’s suspension

Your bike suspension needs to be changed with use and when you start to notice a few things that might be going wrong with your suspension. First, if you notice that the suspension feels dry or that the interior of the fork is dry, this means that your suspension may need work. The interior of the fork needs to be slightly greasy or moist at all times to help keep the suspension working properly.

You can also look for feel issues. If you notice that the fork starts to feel very sharp or harsh, think about when you go over bumps, the suspension is meant to cushion the bump. If the fork is no longer cushioning the bumps, it might be that the suspension needs to be worked on. You may also hear bubble noises in the rebound, this means that there is air in the suspension. You can also look for obvious damage.

The importance of servicing your bicycle’s suspension

Suspension in a bicycle is meant to help cushion your ride, help to make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable, and is also meant to help protect the bike itself. A bike with bad suspension can end up causing damage to the other parts of the bike as well. It is important that you take the time to pay attention to your suspension and when you do notice issues, that you take the time to get your suspension checked and repaired as needed.

It is helpful to look at your suspension every time you get on your bike and take time to pay close attention to the suspension each time you go out for a ride. If you are not working on your suspension, you can look at least check it every few months and make sure that you are servicing it. If you ride your bike very often over more rough terrain, you may need to service your bike suspension more often.

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