The Importance of Bike Headsets

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Although it is not one of the easily seen parts on the bike, the headset is actually one of the more important parts of the bicycle. When this part of the bike is not properly installed, it will create a lot of problems, namely the frequent wear of the headset itself. It can also cause problems with steering and handling of the bike as well.

The headset can become loose due to poor road conditions or from braking hard. You should check the headset often to ensure it is in good order. This quick guide will give you everything you need to know about your bike’s headset.

 Road Bike Headsets Maintenance

Experts say that headset maintenance is quick and easy but yet often overlooked. You can check the status of the bike’s headset by pulling the front brake tightly and by rocking the bike back and forth. The headset may need tightening if you can feel a loose or knocking movement in the bars, stem, or fork of the bike. Another way to check is to lift the bike’s front end up and push the handlebars side to side. The headset may be too tight if the bars stop moving before they reach the frame.

If you are unsure about how to perform this type of maintenance on your bike, you will want to reach out to a local bike repair shop. This is especially true if you have an older model bike. The headsets on older bikes require special tools and special attention.

More modern bike models have headsets that can be easily adjusted using Allan keys, making this an easy repair job.

Types of Headsets

If you have a threadless headset system, there are three different types you might see. These are integrated, internal, and traditional.

Integrated headsets, as well as internal, are both lighter and less expensive to produce. For these reasons, they are quickly becoming the industry standard. Although they are cheaper, these types do have their issues. If the manufacturer is not producing quality parts, the headset will always feel loose and will always produce some degree of noise. If you have purchased a bike with a badly manufactured headset, it pretty much cannot be fixed. This is an important feature to check out before purchasing the bike. Test the bike before purchase to ensure that your headset is not aligned wrong.

A traditional threadless headset is designed with cups pressed into the frame. This type is usually more accurately aligned so that it is true to the frame. This provides better steering and handling.

Headset Care

You should be aware that allowing moisture to get down into the headset will eventually corrode the bearings and the other components. This can lead to damage that will need to be repaired. Even sweat can get down into the components if you lean over the handlebars.

If you feel that the steering or the bike’s handling is not good, be sure to check it out at a bike repair shop quickly to avoid wrecks.

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