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How Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Using a Mobile Bike Service

November 23, 2018 9:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many seniors ride bicycles well into their later years. Cycling is a fantastic sport for people of any age, but the elderly may stand to benefit from it the most because it can keep you fit without putting a ton of stress or impact on your joints. Unfortunately, regular cycling can put wear and tear on your bike, forcing you to take it in for repairs or maintenance every so often. In the past, the only option to receive bike repair was to take your bike to a physical bike shop. If the shop was busy that day, you could... View Article

Benefits a Mobile Bicycle Service Can Provide That Standard Bicycle Shops Don’t

November 9, 2018 9:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your town probably has a brick-and-mortar bike shop that’s popular with the locals. While physical bike shops can offer great services to their customers, some bike repair companies are taking their services to the next level by hitting the road and conducting mobile bike repair. Instead of repairing or assembling your bicycle in a physical location, these bike services come straight to your door and do work on your bike in a van or truck. They bring all the tools and parts they need with them, so you can sit back and relax while your bike repair is handled. Bike... View Article

Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls Will Assemble Your New Bicycle Purchased Online!

October 22, 2018 2:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When making the decision to purchase a new bicycle, a growing number of people are turning to online retailers because they offer lower prices and delivery to your home. Buying a bike online can be a convenient method, especially if you currently lack a reliable mode of transportation or can’t transport a fully assembled bike in your car. After you purchase, the new bike will be delivered to your front door, but nine times out of 10, it will not be assembled. Unless you’re an expert on building bikes, staring at a disassembled pile of chains, gears and other parts... View Article

What to Expect When You Purchase a Bicycle Online

October 8, 2018 2:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle, you have a lot of options. You can visit a big box retailer that sells bikes or check out your local bike repair shop in Boca Raton, FL for new or refurbished bike sales. Another increasingly popular option, though, is to purchase a bicycle from an online retailer. These websites sell bikes direct to consumers, and you can have your bike delivered right to your front door. While this method of shopping sounds like a great choice, there are some things you should be aware of before clicking “buy now.” Bike... View Article

The Importance of Having a Working Wheelchair

September 7, 2018 4:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many of us take our mobility for granted. For people who are not mobile, it is imperative to have a working wheelchair. Children and adults who have physical disabilities rely on properly functioning wheelchairs to navigate through their everyday lives. Our company is happy to provide wheelchair repair in Boca Raton, FL for customers throughout south Florida. Types of wheelchairs There are numerous types of wheelchairs available, and the technology is constantly evolving. We’re pleased to perform repair work on just about any type of wheelchair you might have. The standard manual wheelchair has been around for many years. The... View Article

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June 8, 2018 Rhonda T
"This man is so kind and good at what he does. His wife is welcoming as well. He fixed my friends sons trotter in 5 minutes saved her 200.00 ..."
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"Excellent service. On time. Reasonable price. Took the time to show me how an ebike works and filled my tires too! They carry some accessori..."
April 30, 2018 Lauren I.
"My sons school accidently broke his wheelchair and said he couldnt go to school till it was fixed. Before I called the bicycle doctor, I had..."
April 14, 2018 Chris P
"These guys (and gal) are awesome! I had a crazy short emergency timeline for getting tubes for my wheelchair and they move some things aroun..."
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"Great service! Big enough to get and fix whatever you need but small enough to remember your name."

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