Signs You Need to Call for Bicycle Repair in Boca Raton, FL

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Some reasons for bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL are more obvious than others. However, sometimes items written off as mere quirks can be serious threats to road safety. You are vulnerable when riding your bicycle, and it is ideal to keep it in the best repair possible. Here are seven signs that you need to call for a repair appointment:

  • You cannot keep the chain attached: A chain that keeps slipping off may be too long for your bike’s frame. This is a common occurrence when you purchase a used bike from someone who often performed their own repairs. There is also a chance that it only requires lubrication and cleaning. Either way, a constantly slipping chain is an annoyance and a hazard which needs assessment.
  • Your brakes are noisy: Just as in a car, bicycle brakes wear out. When they reach that point, they become loud, and that is a sign of your brake pads needing attention. Possible repairs include replacing brake pads or realigning the brakes so their pressure on the tires is more even.
  • There was a recent crash: Even if you cannot see exterior damage, if you and your bike hit a parked car, get stuck in a gutter or tumble down a hill, you should have it examined. An accident can force components out of alignment or cause damage that is not readily apparent to you. This may be just a precaution, and your technician may find nothing wrong. However, if there is slight frame damage or bolts loosened, those can be addressed before you risk another incident.
  • You find no differences between gears: Shifting gears should make riding easier, not harder. If there is no change in how your bicycle operates after you switch gears, there is likely an issue requiring immediate bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL. Leaving this to linger will reduce your enjoyment, so it is best to take care of it rather than try to tolerate it.
  • There are loose bolts: Your bicycle’s bolts can be knocked loose while riding on rough terrain or if you take a tumble. If you are not careful, they can come off completely, and one day, you will find a part falls off your bike. Even if you find loose bolts and tighten them as you go, there is also a chance that another problem is loosening them in the first place. It is best to have these thoroughly looked over.
  • Your seat doesn’t adjust: Having a seat that is too high or low does not help you ride effectively. This problem is easily fixed with the right tools, so there is no reason to endure this particular frustration.
  • Your tires keep going flat: An occasional flat tire indicates sudden temperature changes or other environmental elements. When you are inflating them every day, it is likely the inner tube or tire itself requires replacement. Do not risk a blowout by putting this off—get it to our shop as soon as you can.

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