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Bicycles as we know them today are multi-purpose vehicles that can serve as a great form of exercise, a way to get to your destination and a good-natured hobby that allows you to bond with friends and family. However, when bicycles were first created, the focus of the innovators at the time was very different from the multiple applications we see in use now. Here is a brief history of bicycles from a bicycle repair shop in Boca Raton, FL that can help you understand how this transition came about.

Bicycles in the 19th century

The first verifiable account of a bicycle came from Germany in 1817, when Baron Karl von Drais patented the first steerable two-wheeled human operated bicycle called a velocipede. Horses at the time were dying of starvation due to crop failure, and Drais was in search of an alternative method of transportation. Although Drais’ design was made mostly of wood, the difference between his design and the earlier rigid wood models were the brass bushings that were included on the wheel bearings of the iron shod wheels. A rear-wheel brake was also included, giving the rider more control over the movement of the bicycle. Replicas were made, and these foot-pushed velocipedes gained popularity in Western Europe and North America.

The first mechanically propelled bicycle is said to have been built by the Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick MacMillan in 1839. The design mimicked the operation of a locomotive, with the driving mechanism housed in the rear wheel, and mounted levers connected with rods to the rear crank for pedaling.

The first bicycle to receive commercial success came out of France, and was developed in 1863. With the practicality of the machine improved even further, this model featured mounted pedals that allowed riders to thrust the bicycle forward with controlled speed, along with rotary cranks for smoother operation. People were attracted to the ease of use that these new models provided, and they became very popular between 1868 and 1870.

Bicycle innovation for a new era

Over time, the steering, safety, comfort and speed concerns of the early models were improved, and by the early 1900s, bicycling was not just something that was only for society’s elite any more. Bicycling became a reliable method of transportation for many, and even with the automobile boom, bicycling remained popular in Europe, and was still used for commuting, racing and cyclotouring.

As the technology has continued to improve in response to an increasingly changing world, bicycles are now made for all types of disciplines, such as recreation, commuting, exercise and all-terrain cycling that has been made popular by BMX racing. Bicycling is no longer just a means of reliable transportation anymore, but is something that can bring good health and enjoyment.

Here at Bicycle Doctor Inc. – House Calls, we understand that having knowledge of these multi-purpose machines in the past can create a true appreciation for their importance today. We have been caring for bicycles of all kinds since 1972, and if you are in need of a bicycle repair shop in Boca Raton, FL or you are looking for a brand new bicycle, we’ve got you covered. Pay us a visit today, and let us help make sure your bike is just right for you.

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