It’s the Talk of Your Local Bike Shop in Boca Raton, FL: The Specialized Roubaix Is the Road Bike of the Year

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If you’re an avid bicyclist, then you’ve likely overheard folks in your local bike shop in Boca Raton, FL talking about the 2017 winner of the Road Bike of the Year—the Specialized Roubaix Comp! This year’s Road Bike of the Year awards were decided in a joint collaboration between BikeRadar, What Mountain Bike magazine, Cycling Plus magazine and Mountain Biking UK magazine.

The Specialized Roubaix Comp was chosen for the Road Bike of the Year award based on important key characteristics, including riding comfort, control and its ability to take on a variety of riding surfaces. No other road bicycle even comes close to the level of comfort that this bike offers. Here are a few of the shining features of this stellar road bike:

  • It is equipped with Future Shock, which is a coil-spring suspension system that sits above the head tube. This lets the handlebars and stem—and therefore the rider’s arms and upper body—glide across the roughest of areas.
  • It has an impressive grip, which comes thanks to the Future Shock front suspension system that’s in between the frame and the handlebars. Flying over uneven surfaces and potholes is a cinch for riders.
  • It’s made with three different spring weights. This means the suspension will adjust to the rider to offer the best ride comfort.
  • The CG-R seat-post at the back of the bike gives riders double the flex of a standard, normal seat-post. What you get is a balanced ride at the front and back.
  • Because it is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, its braking abilities perform superbly in all types of conditions.

You might be wondering whether a road bike is really that different from other types of bicycles. Let’s check out its main components to give you a better idea of what makes road bicycles so amazing:

  • Frame material: Road bike frames are usually made of aluminum or carbon, or titanium and steel in certain models.
  • Wheels: Road bike wheels are not as ruggedly built and require fewer spokes than mountain bike wheels. The tires are skinny, yet sturdy.
  • Handlebars: On road bikes, the handlebars are dropped to offer several positions. Riders enjoy a more natural grip while still remaining comfortable.
  • Chains and cassette: Its chains typically feature two chain rings, or are fitted with compact setups. Semi-compact offers racing speed gearing and aids with climbing. The cassette—a cluster of sprockets—is packed tight together to help the rider reach ideal speed.
  • Brakes: They use dual-pivot brakes, which are compact, powerful and light, and best suited for road riding.
  • Seat and seat-post: Seats are usually long, thin and narrow with little padding. Comfortable seating depends more on correct setup than tons of padding.

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