Ride Your Bike to Reduce Lower Back Pain!

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Walk into any fully equipped gym and you will notice a variety of machines, weights and workout classes available. There are many different types of exercises you can do, but the right exercise for you depends on your physical ability and age. You can get your sweat on indoors, or head to the great outdoors for a dose of sunshine and fresh air. But if you have a lower back issue, exercise can seem daunting, painful, even downright unbearable—so what are your options?

Let’s take a look at bicycling. This popular form of exercise is a good option for those who suffer from low back pain. In fact, biking is less abrasive to the spine than other forms of exercise, like aerobics or running. Biking includes stationary bicycling, which is gentle on the spine, as well as road biking. If you are considering biking to ease severe back pain, check out reclining bicycles for possible increased comfort. Your local bike rental shop may offer a variety of bicycles, or you can bring your old bike in for bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL before taking up riding again.

Here’s what you need to know about bicycling and lower back pain.

Biking can cause back pain

Before we talk about biking to relieve back pain, we first need to discuss how biking can cause back pain. First and foremost, poor posture while riding or sitting on a bicycle can strain your back and neck. Wheeling over rough terrain can jolt and compress the spine, and riding the wrong size bike or having weak muscles can also contribute to back pain.

Tips to prevent back pain while biking

Luckily, with the right posture and some tips, bicycling can be good for your back:

  • Choose the right bike: Buy or rent a bicycle that’s best for how you want to ride. Casual bicycling should be enjoyed on a comfort bike, while speedsters need a racing-style bike. Choose a bicycle with higher, straighter handlebars so you are always riding in a more upright posture. Bigger, wider tires help maximize shock absorption, and bikes with suspension accessories can also help lessen back pain.
  • Go to a cycling shop: Whether you are in the market for a new bike, a bike rental or bicycle repair in Boca Raton, FL, take your business to an actual cycling shop instead of a department store. These shops employ experts who can set you up with the best bike fit for your body, needs and ability, as well as properly adjust the height and angle of your seat and handlebars.
  • Stay stretched and strong: Just as you would when doing other forms of exercise, be sure to stretch before going for rides on your bike. You want a flexible, strong back that can endure extended periods of time in proper posture. Regular stretching helps you avoid painful strains and back pain, improves your posture and keeps your back limber.

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