What’s Wrong with My Bike?

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To someone who has yet to discover the wonderful world of bicycling, a bike might seem like a simple machine—a couple pedals, two wheels, some handles and you’re done. Any avid rider, though, understands that any bicycle is a complex mechanism that can present any number of issues when something goes wrong.

If you’re concerned about problems with your bike in Boca Raton, FL, here are some tips for diagnosing the issue.

The seat is stuck

When you finally get your seat adjusted to the right height and angle, you may not give its movement much thought. However, over an extended period, a seat can get stuck in position and even become adhered to the bike frame. That could make getting a replacement seat a challenge, and it could compromise the integrity of the frame itself.

Brake repair isn’t a DIY task

If you are a particularly enthusiastic rider, you might do a lot of your own bike maintenance. That’s commendable, but you should think twice before you attempt your own brake work. The brakes on a modern bike in Boca Raton, FL are incredibly complicated, and doing something as small as getting chain oil on your brake pads could turn into a serious problem.

Your components are too old

One of the most common problems that owners see with bicycles are individual components that have begun to show visible signs of wear and tear. It can be tempting to wait until items like your bike chain refuse to operate properly before replacing them. However, it’s smarter and significantly safer to make sure that you are replacing your components at the end of their lifespan, not when they start to cause trouble.

Check those wheels

Before and after every ride, make sure to give your wheels and tires a quick visual inspection. One of the most frequent issues that experts point to is bike tires that need to be changed out. Often, tires that pop while you’re on the road have exhibited problems long before that moment. If you simply take a few minutes to look things over, you could save yourself a lot of trouble.

Preventative maintenance is the best

One of the smartest moves to make when you’re caring for a bicycle is to ensure it’s regularly inspected by a pro. Just as with a car, the key to making sure your bike stands the test of time is to establish a routine for preventative maintenance.

The team you can trust

Still can’t figure out what’s wrong with your bike in Boca Raton, FL? Not to worry! At Bicycle Doctor House Calls, we have decades of experience helping valued clients pinpoint and resolve any number of problems with their bicycles.

Of course, Bicycle Doctor House Calls is more than just a bike repair shop. We offer maintenance, sales and rental of a huge selection of electric scooters, wheelchairs and electric bicycles. Whether you want a tune-up, a total overhaul or the latest accessories to keep you on the cutting edge, you can count on Bicycle Doctor House Calls. Visit us online or give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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