The Most Common Bike Repair Myths

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If you’re an avid cyclist, it can be highly rewarding to learn how to repair and maintain your own bike. That being said, as you do your research, it’s important not to fall victim to some commonly spread myths and misconceptions regarding bike repair.

Make sure you’re using high-quality sources when seeking information and instructions for bike repair, and avoid some of the most common bike repair myths in Boca Raton, FL.

Myth: You can purchase a bike online that’s ready to ride

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, many people are purchasing bikes online rather than going to a bike shop. Your bike will arrive mostly assembled, but you’ll still need to do some work to ensure the bike is set up comfortably for your needs. This might include attaching wheels, straightening the handlebar, adjusting the brakes, setting the seat to your ideal height and carefully inspecting the entire bike to ensure it’s safe to ride.

Online shopping can be convenient and save you money, but if you want to purchase a bike that’s ready to ride, you should head to a brick-and-mortar bike store.

Myth: You’ll always need a torque wrench when repairing your bike

The torque wrench can be a very valuable tool, but it’s not meant to be used in every single bike repair situation. Yes, torque wrenches can help you tighten bolts quickly, but there are some situations in which it makes more sense to use hex wrenches or multi-tools to get the job done, especially if you have aluminum or steel parts.

Myth: You need to wash your bike after every ride to keep it in good shape

Look, it’s great if this is something you want to do and enjoy doing, but for the vast majority of riders, this is going to be highly impractical. Most of the time, any post-bike cleaning you need to do can be limited to a very quick wipe down. It’s important to keep your bike (particularly the moving parts) free from buildups of dirt and grime, but using the hose is overkill. Wipe down and lube the chain as needed, and spare the in-depth cleanings for once a month or after particularly messy rides.

Myth: You need a degreaser designed specifically for cycling

While there are some very nice bicycle degreasers on the market, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to those options. You should certainly avoid automotive degreasers, which have been known to damage rubber seals and bicycle paint, but in many cases just using a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water will be just as effective as removing grime from parts as a cycling degreaser. Give that a try first and save yourself some money.

Myth: Repairs are only necessary if something’s wrong with your bike

Never mind the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You should be proactive with bike maintenance to ensure it stays in good condition for as many years as possible.

For more information about bike repair in Boca Raton, FL to help debunk common bike repair myths, contact Bicycle Doctor House Calls today.

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