The Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss

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Would you like to shed a few pounds, but are finding it difficult to tip that scale to your desired number? Have you considered using bike rentals in Boca Raton, FL as part of your weight loss plan? Exercising regularly is a great way to lose weight, and bike rentals in Boca Raton, FL are a wonderful option to help you stay active. Consider the following benefits of this activity as you make a plan to lose weight: Fat-burning blast: Bicycling is a great fat and calorie burner. It provides aerobic exercise, which works your cardiovascular system, and it helps... View Article

The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

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Riding a bicycle isn’t just a fun, exciting way to get around and enjoy the outdoors. Cycling also has a number of health and environmental benefits that you should be aware of. Opting to ride a bike, rather than driving a car, is good for your body, your mind and the environment. Cycling allows you to connect with your local environment and improve your physical health. Riding a bike is low-impact exercise that virtually anyone can participate in. Additionally, riding a bike will provide you with valuable exposure to the sun, giving you your necessary daily dose of vitamin D.... View Article

More Health Benefits of Riding Your Bike

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Everyone knows that exercise is good for you, but when you’re not feeling up for it, it can be a bit of a drag. Instead of dreading putting in those 30 minutes at the gym, why not jump on a bicycle to ensure you get a good workout while exploring the world around you and bringing some more fun to your daily life? And if health is the most important thing to you, consider this: most people think that biking is advantageous simply because it burns calories, but there are actually a range of health benefits linked to biking. If... View Article

How Biking Helps Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of gliding down a hill on your favorite bike path, the wind in your hair and your eyes on the many interesting sites around you, whether it’s a beautiful bird or the activity of a busy city. But on top of being fun, riding a bike has been linked to a variety of different health benefits. You might have already decided to look into bike rentals in Boca Raton, FL because riding a bike is simply good fun, but read on to see how this enjoyable activity will also contribute to keeping you healthier!... View Article

We Deliver Bicycles for Rentals!

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Although riding a bicycle at every opportunity is a fun and rewarding adventure, there are some instances in which owning or using your own bike isn’t always a viable option. Whether you are in a new city without a vehicle, or you don’t have the space needed at home to store your own bike, rentals are a great way to have access to a bicycle even when you don’t have one of your own. Your mobile bike repair shop in Boca Raton, FL is here to explain a few of the benefits that bicycle rentals can afford. Exploring a new... View Article

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