February 21, 2018

"WOW! I didn't even have to be home to get the bike repaired. Just locked the bike in front of the building, gave them the combination and the repair was done when they said it would be and at very competitive pricing. The customer service was outstanding as well!!!"
February 7, 2018

"Service and price was wonderful. We had a great great time renting bikes."
January 20, 2018

"The Bicycle Doctor provides great house call service or drop off service.. As a stage four cancer survivor my 10/12 miles cycling 4 times a week is an essential part of my rehab schedule.The Bicycle Doctor and Nurse Laura have provided excellent service and support and have put my bicycle back together after some nasty spills.They helped me upgrade to a better bicycle when it was time. Thank you Bicycle Doctor. And my family thanks you too..."
November 2, 2017

"Showed up on time, everything fixed and working properly! Yay! and I didn't even have to leave the house. Recommended"
September 23, 2017

"I was extremely satisfied & impressed with the service provided. Bicycle Doctor makes house calls which is very convenient & work around your schedule. They are the only razor certified provider in the area. The job was done exceptionally & in a timely manor. Prices are affordable and well worth it, they truly are the bicycle doctors. **If you are looking to buy any bikes or scooters they have a wide unique selection, for all ages & will adjust the bike to fit you. I bought my sons first toddler bike from them it is a specialized bike it came with a secure helmet and they added training wheels, adjusted the bike & helmet to fit him on the spot! They also tuned my mountain bike up as well & fitted it. They have numerous bike accessories. I purchased a wider gel seat for a more comfortable ride. Overall great experience, I highly recommend them!"
Bicycle Doctor House Calls