April 23, 2017

"love these guys! they always get the job done efficiently and it's so nice not having to trudge my bike to the shop because they make house calls!"
April 11, 2017

"Job well done. They were nice guys, even drove out to me!! Very thorough in checking out my two bikes. I have recommended them to numerous friends with positive feedback."
March 5, 2017

"They put our bike and reasonable...very nice guy...highly recommend...don't frustrate yourself trying to put a new bike together...let this guy do it!"
February 12, 2017

"I've used Bike Doctor three times. They come to you and fix bikes. They are professional, reasonable rates, and get the work done right. Faster than leaving your bike in the shop for a week!"
August 25, 2016

"This is truly a great company to do business with! I have been using them to fix my family's bikes for a few years. I can say that I have only had good experiences with them. I ride my bicycle AT LEAST 8-10 miles every day. Suffice to say, with the roads and paths here, my bike can take a beating. Let me tell you why I wouldn't use any other company to service my bike. From the time you call to make an appointment to the time they are finished repairing your bike, you are treated wonderfully. They come to you! How great is that?! No more loading your bike onto your car to get it repaired or maintained. No more leaving your bike for a day or more or waiting a long time in the shop for it to be repaired/maintained. This makes life so much easier. The times they have open for appointments is great. They really try to accommodate your schedule the best that they can. They carry a great selection of parts on board their truck. I asked for an item that I hadn't mentioned when I made my appointment. They had a great price. Their prices are reasonable. They do a lot of work for the price charged when performing a tune-up. They do not do any work without telling you the cost before doing it. They do not try to con you into doing any work you don't need, charge you extra for work that should already be covered under the original quote or sell you anything you don't need. I unfortunately, had this experience with 2 of my local bike shops. Suffice to say that it was refreshing to experience this honesty. They came to my place of business when I had a flat. A year later, they came to fix another flat I sustained in a mall parking lot. Both times they came as soon as they could. What other company does that? The best reason to use them... They are a company that cares. Bicycle Doctor is located in palm beach county. I am located in northwest Broward. The mobile bike repair company that was supposed to service my area never picked up their phone or returned any messages that I left. Another place that I called said that they only service bikes with flats outside of their shop on a certain span of A1A. My local bike shops said that they do not offer bike pickup and repair at all. It was a really a hassle for me to get my bike, with a flat tire, to a shop. At the time I called Bicycle Doctor they were only servicing Palm beach county. I told them my story and they were kind enough to help me out. After that, I never used another company to service any of my family's bicycles again. Now that they serve my part of Broward county, I want to tell everyone how great they are! Use them!!"
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